10 Warning Signs Your Feet Send About Your Health That You Should Never Ignore

Your feet are the window into your health status.They give off the first signals when there is any change in the body.If you listen to your feet, you can help to prevent serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney disease.


Foot cramping may be an indication of dehydration or it could also mean that you have various nutritional deficiencies. Always drink enough water. Nutritional deficiencies could be due to a lack of calcium, magnesium or potassium.

2.Loss of Hair on Toes

Lack of hairs on the toes A woman would be happy about this, but it may show a problem with circulation. The hairs don’t grow because the feet don’t receive enough blood which is essential for hair growth

3.Cold feet

Hypothyroidism is often a culprit of cold feet. Hypothyroidism can also lead to depression, hair loss, fatigue and weight gain. If you often have cold feet, see a doctor.

4.Small wounds on your feet which don’t heal

This signs are a sign of diabetes. High level of sugar in the blood can lead to nerve damage and that is why people with diabetes can get wounds without feeling any pain. These wounds can also signal skin cancer. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, even in the area between the toes, so you should always check the feet well.

5.Enlarged Big Toe

If your big toe becomes enlarged, you could have inflammatory issues or even gout. You might also have an infection. If your toe becomes red and hot, you should see a doctor.


The sensation of numbness is associated with several potential issues. If both feet are feeling numb, it may be related to alcoholism, chemotherapy or diabetes. If one foot is numb, it could simply be a pinched nerve.

7.Scaling and Itching

If your feet are itchy and your skin dry the chances are you have yeast infection which can be simply cured by appropriate cream. You should also keep good feet hygiene. This itchiness can be also caused by psoriasis.

8.Pitted Toenails

If you have little holes in the nails of your toes, you may have psoriasis or arthritis. These holes can either be shallow or deep. It will vary from person to person. Another sign could be that your toenails will become thicker.

9.Scaling and Itching

If the skin on your feet itch, peel or appear to be scaling, you could have a fungus infection. This is one of the easiest feet concerns to address with over-the-counter medicine. You could also be suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

10.Yellow Toenails

Change of toenails color can be a sign of aging. If your toenails are splitting and peeling than you may have yeast infection. Yellow toenails can appear when women paint their nails for months without a pause.



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