3 Ingredients And A Miracle Will Happen: Your Wrinkles, Blemishes And Stretch Marks Will Disappear After The First Use!

The skin is the largest organ of our body, therefore it is obvious that we must take good care and protect it from all dangerous external factors, which could affect your well-being. It is not easy task to keep the skin clean and above all healthy.

An intensely bright skin like we see on television and the internet is not just a myth, this can be achieved through different types of treatments, which may be natural or with chemicals but the latter usually have side effects.

We will share, as always, a product that is homemade and that will give your skin the proper care it needs. It will keep the skin clean and moisturized.

Here are the ingredients of this recipe: aloe vera and coconut oil, and drops of lavender or vanilla essential oil. Mix them well and you will get the most powerful gel which can eliminate stains, burns, stretch marks and even wrinkles after the first use.

Gel with coconut oil and aloe vera



• 100 g of Aloe Vera gel
• 110 g of organic coconut oil (solid state)
• 3-4 drops of lavender or vanilla essential oil

Method of preparation:

First, get a container no matter the size but preferably small and put the aloe vera gel and coconut oil inside. Mix them well until you get a nice homogeneous mixture. Then add the drops of essential oil and mix all the ingredients well. Store the mixture in a glass jar and put it in a dry place.

Method of application:

The application implies that you should massage the skin of your face with the gel, using circular movements. Leave the gel to act on your skin for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off with plenty of water.

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