3 Unhealthy Habits That Cause You Bloating, Acid Reflux And Indigestion

We are regularly following different food habits that we repeat every time, but many of them actually can affect the digestive process, causing indigestion and bloating. So it is important to avoid these habits to achieve a number of benefits associated with digestion including retention of essential nutrients from the food, preventing bloating, improve strength, prevent acid reflux, and improve overall digestion.

If you feel torpid, sleepy, with no vitality left in you, and you feel like your stomach will blast every time practically after every dinner you have, then you have to make some modifications and improvements immediately.
These are the main three  habits that certainly should be avoided from now:

1.Consuming lots of protein and starch at one meal

If you consume a lot of protein for example chicken, eggs, fish or hamburger and starch such as pasta, potatoes, bread or rice at one meal can bring about acid reflux and indigestion. This happens as an outcome of protein’s much slower rate of digestion inverse to starch’s less demanding and much faster one. For this situation, rather than entering the following phase of digestion in the small digestive tract, starches need to holdup for a long time until the protein completes the process of digestion. Staying too long, makes them brew, i.e. free gas which thusly makes us belch.

 How to solve the problem?

It is recommended to first consume starch and follow it up with protein after some time. Another solution is to avoid taking too much of both starch and protein at the same time. If your diet contains both, it is recommended to take both in small amounts. There is another option – take protein and starch along with veggies.

2.Drinking a lot of water while Eating

How lots of water affects digestion? While it is easy to understand why too much water during meals makes you feel filled, there is a different reason why it causes indigestion. Excess amount of water affects the working of hydrochloric acid, which plays the key role in breaking down large chunks of food. The acid is released within the stomach to initiate the process of digestion. The presence of too much water at this time will dilute the acid and cause indigestion.

How to solve the problem:

You can drink a lot of water either an hour prior or after your suppers. You are permitted to drink only one glass of water during your meal.

3. Taking Cold Water with Food

The third reason for indigestion and bloating is the intake of cold water with meals. Cold water causes the compression of veins. When taken during meals, it affects the process of digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It can also freeze fats, making it harder for the digestive system to process them. So make sure to avoid cold water when taking food.

How to solve the problem:

Drink a glass of warm water or some green tea before suppers and gradually sip on it to prime your gut for ideal digestion.



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