4 Horrifying Reasons Why Not To Shave Your Pubic Hair Again!

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t shave your pubic hair:

1.If you shave the pubic hair, you are increasing your risk of infection. The pubic hair has a purpose of protecting your private area from infection from bacteria and germs. You might get those infections if you shave your pubic hair.

2.If you think that pubic hair will not provide your partner the good feeling in bed, you have tricked yourself. They will simply enjoy it just the same.

3.Since we know the purpose of pubic hair (protecting your private area from infection from bacteria), shaving it can increase the risk of getting herpes. The pubic hair is protecting your private areas from genital warts and herpes and they will provide you the maximum protection.

4.The private area is very sensitive and it has a specific shape and that makes the shaving really hard. If you cannot do it carefully and properly you will deal with a painful rash that you will need to deal with for a couple of days.

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