5 proven ways to get rid of cellulite

Initially, you have to take the time to deal with this aesthetic problem, but everything you need is at your fingertips. Primarily you need to change your diet, devote to exercise and massage. Some of the many creams or gels with coffee extract, ivy, guarana or more other active ingredient can help in everything, which promotes the heating of the skin microcirculation.


Too often sitting reduces the amount of muscle mass in favor of adipose tissue. To prevent such a distribution of power, play light sporting activities that strengthen muscles. Exercise is the most effective way to “iron” the undesirable “orange peel”. Any form of regular exercise for a longer period of time will help you in solving this problem. If you want quick results, practice every day brisk walking, which is a great exercise to lift hips and cellulite elimination.



Fill the tub with warm water and add anti-cellulite aromatherapy oil. Do not spend more than five minutes in the water. Massage the body with powerful spray of hot water, starting from the feet up. Repeat the procedure with cold water too.


To fight against cellulite successfully, you need to get rid of the salty and fatty foods from the diet. Avoid red meat, greasy fish, full fat dairy products and refined foods from cereals. Bring in as many raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, drink lots of water and green tea, which is a great fighter against fat.

Plants that stimulate peripheral circulation, such as rosemary, hot pepper, dandelion and nettle, can be a great help in the fight against cellulite. Ingredients that naturally induce collagen synthesis (vitamin C and gamma linoleic acid) will help in the reconstruction of the skin affected by cellulite. By removing the toxins that are found in fatty tissue the supply of oxygen is improved, which is why it is important to avoid heavy meals and eat five to six smaller meals a day.


Massage is the most important element in the fight against cellulite. It is best to do a massage when the muscles are relaxed, in which a warm bath will help. Long and soft movement’s massages stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. Pinch and squeeze regions of the body affected by cellulite and finish the massage with soft movements.

Use some of the anti-cellulite products in addition to massage in order to speed up the results. There are products on the market today for cellulite removal and protection from the sun, so you can use them and when sunbathing and swimming.

We recommend “Somatoline Cosmetic treatment for leaner body with sun protection (with factors of 15 or 30) that has a combination of physical and chemical UV filters that protect from the sun, and the famous “BioSlim” complex for the local removal of subcutaneous fat. The cream is formulated so that by warming the skin in the sun it becomes more efficient, because then accelerates subcutaneous microcirculation, which facilitates the absorption and action of active ingredients.

To continue treatment and skin care after sunbathing, there is a “Somatoline Cosmetic” for leaner body after sun exposure, which soothes the skin, preventing irritation, mobilize surface fat and drains fluid buildup.



Caffeine has a positive effect in combating cellulite by activating the fat cells in the body. Rub coffee grout on the problematic parts of the skin and let it dry out. To prevent the wet fall away from the skin, wrap it with plastic wrap and allow it to rest for ten minutes. For best results, repeat the procedure at least twice a week.

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