5 simple things that you can easily do at home to get fair skin fast !

Every skin has its own color and all are equally beautiful but its your duty to keep your skin glowing and flawless. For this you should take good care of your skin, just follow some simple rules and your skin will glow automatically.

Today I will tell you some beauty hacks that you can easily do at home and your skin will thank you

Cucumber and lemon juice

You need to grate some cucumber with a grater and place them on cloth.

– Now squeeze the cloth and collect the cucumber juice in a bowl.

– Now add 2-3 spoon of lemon juice to it and mix the ingredients together.

– Apply this juice all over your face and allow it to dry.

– When dried, wash off with cold water.

Breadcrums and malai

A great natural scrub

You need to crush some breadcrumbs and mix it with homemade malai.

– If needed add some turmeric and saffron power to the pack and then apply on your face. Generally due to breadcrums the pack starts melting off easily from your face and hence it is very essential to crush it properly and blend with malai.

– Allow the paste to be there for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Tomato and lemon juice

– Mash one tomato with the help of folk or hand and collect the juice in a separate bowl.

– Now add lemon juice to the tomato juice and apply it on your face.

– This mixture will get dried after 20 minutes and when dried you can wash off with cold water.

Milk cream and saffron face mask

– Take 2 tablespoon of milk with small amount of saffron.

– Mix both the ingredients well and apply on the face with the help of cotton ball.

– This remedy will help to enhance your skin appearance as well as help to get a fairer skin.

– You can add some turmeric powder to the pack if needed.

Rice and milk

Sock small amount of rice in milk and leave it for overnight.

– Now mix the ingredients together in the morning and blend them well in a grinder.

– If this converts into a thick paste, apply it all over your face and leave it for 10 minutes.

– If you want to use this as a scrub, you should not grind it fully and allow the grains of rice to be partially grinded.

– Now, scrub your face with this mixture and get a glowing skin within few minutes.

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