Maybe the most important aspect of romance, as well as relationships between both sexes is kissing. It is a way to test out the compatibility of a potential partner. These small signs of affection can signal anything from friendly, platonic appreciation to a deeper, more intense attraction. The question is how are we supposed to know which it is?

Continue reading the following seven different types of kissing and the meaning between them since there’s a lot to be learned through this language of the lips, if you pay attention.

Cheek Kiss:

Is a sign of affection that can signal anything from friendly companionship to romantic interest. If someone kisses you on the cheek at the end of a date, it means that the person you were with enjoyed your company. In this case if you are a man, a woman will show you interest to this type of kiss by subtly leaning her face toward you. If someone places their hands around your neck or on your shoulders, it adds an extra meaning to this display of affection.

Earlobe Kiss:

A kiss on your earlobe is considered as a sexual gesture because the ears are very sensitive parts of the body reserved for intimate partners. Friends don’t kiss each other’s earlobes, so if person kisses you there, it means they are attracted to you.

Eskimo Kiss

If you didn’t know, rubbing your nose with another person is called an Eskimo kiss and it is not a friendly gesture, rather it shows a serious affection. This act shows that someone is attracted to you in more than a platonic or $exual way. Long-term partners do this often in order to show their love, but if a newer partner does it to you, it means they are planing to stay with you in a serious relationship.

French Kiss

It is one of the most sexual gestures possible which you reserve for people your are attracted to. This signals closeness along with a touch of sensual intimacy. You do open mouthed french kissing with the person you would like to get more serious with, whether emotionally or physically. you shouldn’t rush frensh kissing, instead is should be pursued gradually, with close attention paid to the signals of your partner.

Forehead Kiss

You will recieve this type of kiss in times of distress from a friend who is trying to comfort you. However, if a person who has already kissed you in more intimate ways gives you a peck on the forehead, it means that the attraction is developing to a deeper level. If you share kisses on the mouth with your partner and he/she kisses you on the forehead, it means that this person is developing strong feelings about a romantic partnership. This particular act shows that the provider of the kiss feels a certain level of protectiveness over you and cares deeply for you.

Surprise Kiss

If someone kisses you by surprise, it means they are comfortable with you. You wouldn’t do it with someone who is not close to you. A surprise kiss signifies a spontaneous burst of affection and means that someone finds you irresistibly appealing.

Light and Lingering Kiss

As opposed to french kiss which shows strong attraction, this kiss signals sweet and gentle lovingness. If your partner kisses you in this way, it means they care enough to take their time, make you feel cherished and express their affection thoughtfully.This is only something you do with someone you’ve had on your mind a lot, as it takes deliberation and intention instead of being rushed.

People never kiss eachother without some type of meaning or intention. Now when you know what different types of kisses mean, you can pay attention on the hidden signs of romance and learning more about the one you care about.


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