8 Home Remedies to Treat Cavities Naturally

When we realize that caries is actually a pretty name for tooth decay, we realize just how serious this dental problem can be.

If you care about the health of your teeth, but you can not afford expensive treatment, you’ll enjoy knowing 8 home remedies to treat cavities naturally.

We do not realize it, but many drawbacks like this can be taken care of with natural ingredients that we have at home.

Understanding cavities better

Among the factors that can cause the terrible cavities are the way the individual takes care of his oral hygiene, the foods he consumes and the amount of fluoride that is present in his daily life.

Cavities are more common in children, but may be present in adults as well.

Home Remedies to Treat Cavities Naturally

1.Salt and Lemon

You should mix half a teaspoon of salt with a little lemon juice.

This mixture should be used to make a type of massage on your gums.

The massage should last for a few minutes.

When you finish you should make a gargle preferably with warm water.

2.Saffron powder

In this homemade recipe you should pass a little powdered saffron in the region that is hurting.

The product should be on affected teeth for a few minutes.

Finally you should rinse with warm water

3. Sesame Oil

This oil can help you fight the problem of decay, the amount indicated is one tablespoon of the oil

Put this amount in your mouth and wait 20 minutes.

In the meantime in what oil is in your mouth do not swallow or gargle, it is best to try to spread the same around the affected teeth


Chewing will cause the oil from inside it to be released into your mouth

Try to keep the oil under your tongue to ensure its effectiveness in the treatment.

This item can be used quite simply, you just need to chew a clove tooth to treat cavities natural

5.Indian Gooseberry

This herb is also known as Amla and can very effectively assist in taking care of your teeth.

One of the advantages of this herb is to contain lots of vitamin C to fight infections and the formation of feared cavities.

Ways to use the herb to treat cavities naturally include eating amla daily or even making a tea with half a teaspoon of the herb mixed with half a glass of wate

6.Garlic Oil

For this treatment you should rub the garlic oil over the affected tooth to achieve the sensation of pain relief.

Another possibility is to get into the habit of ingesting raw garlic, but we know that however much it helps to make your mouth healthier is not exactly pleasant


Several studies have indicated that licorice may be very interesting to keep teeth healthy since it is an item with different antibacterial substances.

It is possible to use a licorice powder to brush your teeth to achieve the healthy effect.

8.Moscow nut

Scientific studies with nutmeg concluded that the extract is capable of improving the symptoms of cavities

The tip is to grate the nutmeg and mix the resulting powder with some oil such as clove.

Spend this mixture on your teeth to feel the improvement.

Do this every day until the pain has passed

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