8 Ways Your Body is Trying to Warn You About a Hormone Imbalance

Nowadays, if you have some problems with constipation, menstrual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, sleep problems, fatigue, brittle nails, and thinning hair it might mean that you have problems with hormone imbalance.

The Different Types of Hormone Imbalance

Poor sleep and fatigue might meant that there is something wrong with the adrenals, which are the glands responsible for the production of the stress hormone. Fatigue, together with symptoms like thinning hair, brittle nails, weight gain, and constipation might mean that you have thyroid-related problems. This is due to the affected gland that is responsible for the production of the thyroid hormone.

Furthermore, if you have menopausal issues or menstrual problems, this might mean that you have imbalances with progesterone, testosterone, estrogen or the sex hormones. A combination of these three hormonal imbalances actually leads to fatigue and weight gain.

Nevertheless, weight gain might mean that there are too many starches and sweets in your diet. What is to blame here is the carbohydrate-intolerance. People become insulin resistant due to the excessive consumption of fats.

How Conventional Testing May Be Sub-Par

You have to know that feeling and looking ill is not a normal side-effect of aging. This might mean that your hormones might be out of balance. In this case, your body needs a total reboot. The doctor might have checked your adrenaline, blood sugar and thyroid and still have not found anything wrong. However, you might be suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

This brings us to the reason we are here today. If you are looking for a way to fight and balance your hormones, we will present you with 10 tips which can help you balance your hormones, despite your age.

10 Ways to Fix Hormonal Imbalance

1. Train Yourself to Unwind

You have to be able to relax and unwind once in a while. Whether you do it by watching a movie or laughing, perhaps dancing or having fun with your friends, it does not matter. Just do it. Maybe you can add some regular meditation daily. In these different ways you will balance your hormones naturally and you will be relaxed and fit.

2. Minimize the Medications

What you might not know about regular consumption of medications, prescription or over-the-counter, is that they can cause hormonal imbalance, and stress the microbiome, too. Just avoid hormone-disrupting OTC medications, in case you do take them, ask for the smallest dose.

3. Cut the Chemicals

One of the first steps towards balancing your hormones and keeping them to function optimally would be to lower your exposure to chemicals which are found in food, water, air, cosmetic and household cleaners. Thus, switch to less toxic products to limit your exposure to chemicals.

4. Cool It on the Stimulants

The high levels of caffeine which can be found in soda, coffee, tea or energy drinks can interfere with the hormones which are responsible for restorative sleep.

5. Aim to Sleep More and Better

Lack of sleep is known to affect the whole organism. It can also affect the body’s ability to release the hormones needed to restore and refresh the cells. Therefore, you can end up with a brain and body which is aging more rapidly. Thus, aim to get more sleep.

6. Avoid Reactive, Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory foods are foods like gluten, sugar and processed foods. They take their toll through the gut, immune system and the endocrine system.

7. Be Good to Your Microbiome

If you fill your gut will fermented foods and fiber, it will help support the good bacteria and keep the bad ones at bay. This also boosts hormone function too, apart from keeping the processes of digestion and elimination working properly.

8. Eat More Healthy Fats- and Let Go of Fat-Phobia

By adding healthy fats to your diet, the productions of hormones that boost energy, suppress craving and increase the feeling of satiety, will be stimulated.

9. Try Reducing Your Grains, Legumes and High Sugar Fruits for Two Weeks

A lot of people might be carbohydrate-intolerant and they might not even know it. If you excessively take these carbs you can cause metabolic problems and they can fail to be processed properly, especially in those people who are insulin resistant.

10. Cut Back, Way Back on Sweets and Starches

If you consume sweets and starches abundantly, it may set the hormones on a ride. Just try limiting their intake, or eliminate them completely for a few weeks and just see how your body will react to this change.

We hope that these 10 tips were helpful if you have been experiencing some hormone imbalances. Just try them out and you will see that your body will be completely restored and balanced.

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