A Man Treated Diabetes Type 2 Without Medicine By Drinking Only This Every Day

A man being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was being informed by his doctor that he needed to depend on insulin for the rest of his life. The man decided to listen to his doctor and started to take insulin every day, plus some other medications.

Unfortunately, his condition worsened over time. The numerous medications he was taking led to new health complications and increased the triglycerides to 16, and his blood pressure to 150/100.

So, he decided to try a different approach, and made a new-year resolution to restore his health using some completely natural remedies. Dr. John Zirdum inspired him to do this and explained the benefits of raw foods, in his TV show called “The Edge of Science”.

This man bought a blender and started eating only raw vegetables and fruits. In only several days, his blood sugar levels dropped to 5!

Here’s the recipe:

What you need:

  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • A handful of kale
  • 5 bananas


Mix all the ingredients together, and then add 500 ml of water to prepare the natural juice.


Take 500 ml of this juice in the morning and take the rest throughout the day.

You’ll see how this juice gives you incredible health benefits. It will reduce your cravings and maintain your good health.

Notable Progress:

The man quit the insulin therapy and focused on using a healthy diet only. His blood sugar stabilized, he managed to shed off the excess weight, and his condition improved significantly. He had lost 20 poundsin only one month, with no health complications. The following 3 months he lost plus 2 pounds. He never used insulin, his triglycerides fell to 1.4, and his blood pressure was 120/70!He simply enjoyed a healthy life!


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