A Russian Scientist’s Recipe That Drove the World Crazy: Cures cancer, Protects from Heart Attacks and Improves Brain Function in a Beat!

The following recipe comes from renowned Russian scientist Professor Hristo Mermersky and it is a revolutionary medication that thousands of people have used to cure cancer. “This is food that can treat the entire organism and cause the cancer to withdraw by itself”, Prof  Mermersky said in his lectures.

His solution improves brain function and memory, protects from heart attacks and heals the body of those who suffer from them. It is an excellent recipe for treating cancer and the means to fight all types of this horrible disease.


  • 400 gr. of germinated wheat;
  • 15 fresh lemons;
  • 12 whole bulbs (not cloves) of fresh garlic;
  • 1 kg of homemade organic honey;
  • 400 gr. of fresh walnut kernels.


First of all, grind the germinated wheat, nuts and cleaned heads of garlic together. Next, grind 5 lemons (peel included) and mix everything together in a pot.

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