Amazing-5 Secrets to have a Flat Stomach

Secrets to have a flat stomach

To get a flat stomash not only have to do exercise. If you take care of some aspects of food and correct certain harmful mealtime habits, you can help eliminate this ’emerging’ beer tummy you’re so overwhelmed. With these five simple practices related to food you’ll get a flat stomash. Of course, these tricks must be linked to the practice of daily exercise, but not exclusively abs. Take note:

1) Eat protein between 3 and 4pm

Foods that contain protein should be eaten in what many nutritionists call “magic hour”. This is between 3pm and 4pm. You can eat a granola bar, a piece of cheese, almonds or an apple. No matter what, but do not skip that moment to eat something. It is a key to stimulate metabolism and balance the level of blood sugar time. The lower the level of sugar in the blood will keep lower insulin, and insulin makes you store fat around the abdomen. Eat every three to four hours in order to keep the sugar in the blood. It is ok to pass five or six hours between each meal.

2) Eliminate sugar from your diet

Try not to eat any sugar. Insulin remain low, and high glucagon. This is the hormone that best help you combat swollen abdomen. “The less sugar you consume higher this hormone will remain,” says Jorge Cruise, author of “The Belly Fat Cure

3) Chew the food

It is key to maintain a flat stomach and prevent flatulence. There is much to chew food because digestion begins in the mouth. The easier you let at least digestion and acid gases agency will segregate during processing.

4) Place your abs at the bottom of the list.

According Myatt Murphy, author of the bestseller ‘The Body you want in the time you have’ explains the order to get a flat stomach is: diet, cardiovascular exercise, build muscle, and fourthly and lastly, abdominal . If you want to lose safely 1 kilo a week this would be the routine to follow: Spend an hour preparing healthy food twenty minutes of cardio three to five times a week, fifteen minutes doing strength exercises three times a week, and finally 5 minutes a day three times a week doing crunches.

5) Use marine and natural salt

The salt is often responsible for a swollen belly. A natural low sodium salt can make a difference. It is recommended not to consume too much soy sauce because it is always very salty and and cause flatulence.


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