American Diet: loose 3 kilos in 5 days!

Here is what you need to include in the everyday menu in order to achieve the desired results …

The American diet allows you a quick reduction of fatty deposits with a diet that is rich in proteins and fats, and if you stick to the guidelines properly, you can lose three kilos in five days. It is necessary to include sour, spicy hot and salty foods in the menu.

The diet is consisted of fish, eggs and meat, and fruits and vegetables are allowed. Sweets and foods rich in carbohydrates are strictly prohibited.

Use cold pressed oil in this diet; drink at least two liters of water a day (without sodium and chlorine) or herbal teas.

Breakfast by choice

Choose one of these two suggestions for breakfast and eat it for five days.

First choice: mix 150g soft cow cheese with a tablespoon of flax oil or olive oil and a tablespoon of sunflower seeds or sesame.

Second choice: fry an egg in a pan without oil or boil it, 50 g of fat free ham and add 200 g of hard cheese with fresh spicy herbs

Suggestion for the first day


Medallions with green beans

Fry one finely chopped onion bulb with two tablespoons of oil and add 300 g cooked green beans, a spoon of fresh spicy herbs and spoon of chopped parsley. Using one tablespoon of oil, fry 120g chicken fillet seasoned with pepper. Serve all and add two tablespoons of full fat vegetable butter.



Fruit salad with cheese

Put chopped apple or pear on a 100 g lettuces, add tangerine and 50g chopped feta cheese cubes, 3 walnuts and pour all with two tablespoons of oil and add a little pepper.

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