An Ancient Method That Really Works: Only One Ingredient And Your Facial And Body Hair Will Disappear As If By Magic!

Finally there is a solution for unwanted hair, and the secret lies in this  ancient Russian recipe. What it does is first weaken your body hair, making it much thinner than before, and if used consistently, it makes hair disappear within a couple of months.

This recipe will not only help you remove your facial and body hair, but it will also make it disappear permanently.



  • Several walnut shells (not the green part)
  • Water


1.Get a handful of unpeeled walnut shells.

2.Dry them well and burn them to ashes.

3.Cover the ashes in water and stir until the compounds blend well and form a paste.

4.Leave the mixture for 12 hours.

5.After that, using a cotton ball, apply it on the areas that you want to remove hair from.

6.Do this 3 times a day every day, leaving it on for at least half an hour.

7.Repeat the procedure until you get the results you want.



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