Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Blood Sugar Regulation And Speeds up Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar has been used since ancient times, that is, by the old Babylonians. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used apple cider vinegar as a remedy for coughing and as a treatment for injuries.

ACV has the power to better the regulation of the blood sugar levels and aid a healthy weight loss process. Its production has two phases: the first one is when the yeast and the bacteria turns sugar into alcohol and the second one is the oxidation of alcohol into acetic acid caused by acetobacterium.

The acetic acid distinguishes apple acid vinegar by giving it a acidic and vitriolic flavor and by leaving a cloudy substance known as ‘the mother’ on the bottom of the glass. The apple’s fermenting bit is the mother and it contains a lot of enzymes. Raw, unpasteurized ACV vinegar with the mother intact is the most recommendable for using.

1.Blood sugar control

The ACV is mostly used like a salad dressing. When you are intending to consume some foods that are requiring longer period for digestion, like beef or pork you should drink a little bit of the apple cider vinegar. A Japanese research proved that with the replacing of pickled cucumber with a fresh one, the glycemix index will be reduced by 30%.

Because of its antiglycemic characteristics the cider vinegar is very important in monitoring the sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. The main property of the vinegar is that it’s functioning as a antiglycemic factor and blocks the way of the metformin, which is the medicine took consumed by the diabetic patients. Slumber, nausea and diarrhea are all side effects form metformin.

Metformin is often linked with heart issues and liver diseases.

Larger amount of blood glucose after a meal is known as a prandial glycemia. According to some studies, combined ACV with meal will better the blood glucose sensitivity. The effects of vinegar on hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetics (known also as dawn Phenomenon) were explained in study published in the Diabetes Journal in 2007.

If you are consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before your meal, there will be a decrease in fasting glucose amounts of 4-6%. Some individuals had 3-6% fasting glucose decreased while subjected under a medical treatment.

The women who combined their meal with ACV had 55% diminishing in the blood glucose.

2.Aids in weight loss

There are various factors promoting weight loss in individuals consuming a daily intake of cider vinegar (approximately one or two tablespoons). The antiglycemic effect may be attributed to the suppression of carbohydrate synthesis by inhibiting enzymes that stimulate the rate and timeframe of blood glucose concentration and consequently regulating satiety and/or appetite.

Acetic acid protects the liver by increasing tolerance of lipogenesis and fatty acid synthesis responsible for improving cholesterol levels. The synergistic nature of increased blood flow and insulin activity relays into increased energy.

Weight loss effects from apple cider vinegar are evident in a group of 155 obese Japanese individuals. Data collected signified a decrease in visceral fat, BMI and serum triglyceride levels among other health benefits. With many factors promoting the detoxification and overall health of the liver, weight loss may also be caused from the stimulation of fecal bile acid excretion when consuming cider vinegar.

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