Apply This For 15 Minutes On Your Hair And They Will Never Become White!!!

Sadly that more and more people among 30 years old are affected with this problem of graying and white hairs.

The factors are numerous but the solution is the best to be natural and not to harm our health.

Searching on line I found one ancient recipe that can darken the gray hair.



  • Potato – 5 to 6 (medium size)
  • Water – 2 cups

Now follow these steps:

Take 5-6 medium potatoes and peel them

Put the peels in a pan with two cups of water. Reduce the heat on low after the water has warmed up leave the pan and boil the solution for another 15-20 minutes. Then remove the pan from the stove.

Wait to cool down and use a big bowl to strain the water and remove the rinds.
Store the water in a glass bottle and close the bottle.

You can add few drops of essential oils like rosemary or lavender for better smell.
Wash your air as usually with shampoo and conditioner. Gray hair needs to be hydrated because normally is drier.

Use the potato rind water to apply onto your hair by massaging. Careful do not rinse the hair.

Dry and brush your hair as normally you do.

Repeat the treatment every day or 2-3 times a week.

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