Are You Addicted To Your Phone?This Is The Way The Light Is Affecting Your Brain, Pay Attention!!!

Did you know that sleeping with your mobile phone can be a very harmful action for your health.

For this reason today you will know how to do this before sleeping can cause great damage to your brain, and everything is due to the light that is emitted by the cell phones, surely you can not imagine.Although many people always have their mobile phone with them, you know that doing so is not advisable.

So discover what is the problem that can cause this action which seems very common and harmless but in the end it hurts.

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The damage is due to the light emitted by cell phones, because they cause the brain great damage, because the light is related to sunlight which causes the brain to be confused to believe that it is still day.

But, this type of problem is more frequent in adolescents, since the end to be more sensitive to light, which causes great difficulty to get up early. When this happens the release of melatonin, a used hormone that induces sleep and prevents you to sleep, stops.

If it has happened to you at times that you are very tired and have a hard time keeping your eyes open, you can look at your cell phone and wake up. However, studies confirm that people who use the cell phone before sleeping have trouble falling asleep.

Note: It is advisable to use the cell phone about two hours to go to sleep so that your brain starts releasing melatonin at the right moment and you get to sleep.

Now you know the damage caused to the brain by the light emitted by mobile phones when using them before bed, it is advised to change the habits at bedtime to improve your health.

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