Are You Breathing Properly? Here Are 5 Sings That Will Show You That You Are Doing It Wrong!!!

We all know how good is the feeling after taking a deep breath,but why is it so easy to forget to breathe properly except when we exercise?

Most people breathe in a completely wrong way without even knowing it, and they end up using only one third of the total lung capacity.

Here are 5 sings that will show you that you are not breathing properly

1.You are taking more breaths in a short period of time – the body instinctively tries to compensate the lack of oxygen

2.You often yawn – it indicates that you are taking shallow breathes and have a lack of oxygen in the body.

3.While sleeping you rub your teeth- this means you are suffering from chronic stress and irregular breathing.

4.Tension in the neck and shoulders – shallow breathing is the main problem for the pain in the neck and the shoulders.

5.You are always tired – if the body lacks oxygen, there is a lack of energy and chronic fatigue.

Here is a list of how you can breathe properly:

1.Sit on a chair or lay on the floor.

2.Relax the extremities, and straighten them if you’re lying down.

3.You need to pay attention while breathing not to move your shoulders, abdomen or chest.

4.Concentrate on breathing through your stomach and exhaling only through your nose, not your mouth.

5.You should to do this exercise for about 2 minutes.


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