Are Your Hands Clean? The Answer, Revealed In This Experiment May Shock You – And Change The Way You Wash Your Hands!!!

How much are you sure that your hands are clean after washing them? It is more likely that you do it in a completely wrong way.

Proper hand washing is important – our hands can harbour a nasty colony of illness-inducing bugs including E.coli, salmonella, clostridium difficile, campylobacter, the superbug MRSA (which is resistant to certain antibiotics), as well as cold and flu viruses and norovirus, the winter vomiting

But, what can be defined as a good hand washing? Is it recommended rubbing them for at least 30 seconds? Jenny Ag decided to put different types of washing hands under UV light and look in detail what type of wash is most appropriate and leaves less bacteria.

When the blue light is less, the amount amount of bacteria on the hands is lower.

Before washing:

Before Washing

Rinse and shake:

Many of people often just put the hands under water and shake, but this way of washing leaves a lot of bacteria. The most common are fecal bacteria. This method of washing is especially practiced in dirty public toilets, because you feel that you will get more bacteria than you remove, but in this case is the opposite. In this time it is then necessary to wash your hands.



6 seconds washing without a soap

The average duration of hand washing has a length of 6 seconds, but it is not effective for removing the bacteria. The scientists recommend at least 15 seconds hand washing.



t is important to wash well the fingers, not just the major parts of his hands.

6 seconds washing with soap

The most important thing when you washing your hands is the use of soap. Soap does not kill bacteria, but removes them from your skin and there is no difference whether you use plain or antibacterial soap.



15 seconds with soap

From the photo you can see that the longer you wash your hands, the smaller are the areas where there are bacteria.


30 seconds with soap

According to the most studies, washing hands for 30 seconds is enough to reliably get rid of the most damaging bacteria.

Which is better – a towel or use of a dryer to dry your hands?

Opinions are divided on this issue, but one thing is important – it is necessary to completely dry your hands, because most germs are passed on wet surfaces


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