At Last: Prevent and Cure Breast Cancer Just With One Natural Ingredient!!!

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease and there are many risk factors.The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is large, and one in eight women has a chance of breast cancer diagnosis in her life. There are many researches about reducing the risk of breast and a research has shown that flaxseeds are a potential cure for breast cancer.

Why flaxseeds?

It has been shown that just one  ingredient in the flaxseeds called lignin is what works against breast cancer. It has a weak estrogenic effect on the body and it is classified as phytoestrogen and it reduces the amount of natural estrogen which affects the cancer cells. Beside lignin, flaxseeds contain fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. All these are great prevention against breast cancer.

How do flaxseeds prevent breast cancer?

80% of breast cancers are estrogen – receptor positive. Lignin can help in reducing the risk of developing breast cancer because they interfere with the natural processes of estrogen in the body.

A number of surveys, studies and trials have been conducted and it has been found that flaxseed is definitely a great prevention against breast cancer. Besides prevention, they can help in treatment for patients who have already been diagnosed.

Flaxseeds as treatment

The clinical experiment was performed on patients with breast cancer. They were given a muffin with flaxseed and flaxseed muffin without. Those patients who consume flaxseed increased apoptosis and reduced cell proliferation of breast cancer.

Normally, cancer cells live longer than other cells and apoptosis is a process that describes the death rate of cancer cells. Proliferation, on the other hand, is used to describe the growth of tumors.

Cancer tumors grow very quickly and it is because of the fact that cancer cells multiply rapidly. 2.5 tablespoons linseed increased mortality of cancer cells. Another study found that women with breast cancer who consumed flaxseed, while fighting the disease, iived more compared with women who didn’t consume flaxseed. All in all, flaxseed are natural prevention against breast cancer and they can fight the existing cancer cells. A person with breast cancer should consult a doctor in order to make a plan for with increased amount of flaxseeds in the diet.

How should you consume the flaxseeds?

The most important rule of flaxseeds is that they have to be grinded in order to be fully digested. If they are whole, they could only pass through the intestine without being digested. You can grind them in a coffee grinder or spice.


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