Do You Feel Unbearable Back Pain Whenever You Wake Up? Here Are The Causes, Symptoms And Solution To The Problem!

Our body is a great machine that works extremely well if we give it the adequate care and treat it like it deserves to be treated.We often aren´t aware of this, but our unconscious actions make body gradually decompose, provoking a variety of symptoms and consequences.

One of the most common pains, the one practically all of us had a chance to experience, is back pain, also known as the lumbar pain.  Bad sitting posture, bad sleeping posture, an inadequate mattress, they all contribute to making our spine suffer and deteriorate.

In order to avoid it, first we should learn how to recognize its most common symptoms, and once we´ve identified what is causing us pain, we proceed to take action: when it comes to spine, the key-organ holding the rest of our body up, we have to search for the healthiest cure possible.

Now, you must be wondering which exactly are the symptoms and reasons of your back problems.

That´s why we are going to give you a list of possible reasons that will help you determine why you´re suffering from such pains and how to eliminate them!

1.Pharmaceutical drugs

There are a lot of products in the market that often have adverse side effects and cause irreparable damage to our backbone. Keep that in mind and try to avoid using pharmaceuticals.

2.Bad posture

It´s important to maintain good posture while sleeping, which should be face up. When we sleep face down, or on a side of one of our shoulders, we put our spine into a bad posture.


Don´t let your muscles be tense while you´re sleeping; in order to achieve that, avoid at all costs mattresses that are either too soft or too hard. They can be harmful.


When we smoke, nicotine makes our tissue deteriorate.


When we are overweight, our spine gets overburdened due to the pressure.

6.Bad posture and bad way of walking

Both factors contribute to having intense back pains.


  • Cold and hot water in turns, applied to the areas of pain.
  • 15-minutes-long exercises concentrated on that particular area
  • Ice cubes and then afterwards hot compresses every four days.

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