Do You Have A Butt Chin? THIS Is What It Means

Have you heard about the term “butt chin”? It comes to acial feature that some people have and it is interesting distinctive trait.

“Butt chin” also is known as cleft chin or a dimple chin. At some people the dimple often looks like a Y-shaped fissure.

It is interesting that some celebrities, like John Travolta, Sandra Bullock and Russell Crowe have this distinctive facial feature.

According to some experts, this cleft chin actually can reveal some things about someone’s personality that are really interesting. Namely, this feature is an inherited trait that may surprise you.

Even though many women dislike the chin dimple, we must agree that Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous.

In case if it really bothers you, you can get it altered through cosmetic surgery. However, this is feature that makes you unique.

What the cleft chin says about your personality? People that have “butt chin” as this facial feature tend to be the center of attention. Moreover, these people are super fun to be around and also have a great sense of humor. These people are very flirty people. Another interesting trait about these individuals is that they are very often are sexually driven and in same time they have heightened emotions. They also are totally comfortable to cry when are happy, sad or are passionate about some thing.

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