Do You Know The Meaning Of Having Big Butt? – Here What The Scientist Have To Say

In one recent study scientists from the Oxford University discovered that women who have bigger butts have smaller chances of developing a chronic disease and they are actually smarter than women who have smaller or average behinds.

This is an interesting discovery right? They discovered that women with larger behinds have lower cholesterol levels because of their hormones that help them to process sugars much faster. They also concluded that they have a smaller risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular conditions in comparison with women who have a smaller behind. This happens because of the fact that they have excess omega 3 fatty acids and that is the reason for their improved brain function.

The statement of professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos was published in the report of ABC News. He was the leader of this study and he says that women who have more fat on their behinds have lower levels of glucose and cholesterol.

The above mentioned conclusions are actually based on information collected from more than 16.000 women who were analyzed. If you have a bigger butt the leptin levels in your body will be normal. The leptin is a hormone that is responsible for weight regulation. The same will happen with dinopectina, a hormone that has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and vascular-protective properties.

The adipose tissue of the butt traps different harmful fatty particles. It also lowers the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, in universities in Pittsburgh and California were conducted similar studies as well. The conclusion was the same – women with smaller waists, wide hips and bigger butts can actually have expectancy for a longer life.

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