Don’t Throw Away The Papaya Seeds They Treat Different Diseases On Your Kidneys, Gut And Liver

Papayas have a decadent taste and they contain a lot of antioxidants and nutrients including vitamin C, carotenes, flavonoids, vitamins B, potassium, pantothenic acid, folate, fiber and copper. Together, they help to improve the cardiovascular health and also prevent colon cancer.

However, a lot of people would eat the papaya fruit, but they will throw out the seeds. The main reason is because they are not aware that they contain a lot of health benefits as well.

Papaya seeds are able to cure different conditions and diseases including gut problems, worms and Dengue fever.

They have different health benefits and they can be used for treating different health problems. You should start consuming them for:

Liver health

Their nutrient content is able to cure liver cirrhosis. For this you will have to grind 5 to 6 papaya seeds. Combine them in your food or add them in your juice. Do this for 30 days and your liver will be successfully detoxified.

Kidney health

They are able to prevent renal failure and they can improve the functioning of the kidneys.

Anti-inflammatory properties

They have potent anti-inflammatory properties and they can relieve redness, arthritis, joint pain or other inflammatory conditions.

Anti-viral properties and anti-bacterial properties

They are able to fight against viral infections including Typhoid and Dengue. They are also able to get rid of dangerous bacteria including E. Coli, Salmonella and Staph.

Immunity booster

Papaya contains a lot of vitamin A and C and both of them are needed for proper functioning of the immune system. That is why papaya is a good choice for preventing different illnesses such as colds, flu or ear infection.

Fight cancer

These seeds are an amazing anti-cancer agent and they can the growth of cancer cells. They contain isothiocyanate – it is a compound that is able to aid in the process of leukemia destruction, breast, breast, lung and prostate cancer.

Eliminate parasites

They contain an alkaloid which is called Carpaine and it is bale to destroy intestinal worms and ameba parasites. It is good for metabolizing proteins.

A natural contraceptive

You can use papaya seeds like a natural contraceptive. It works for both sexes and they do not have any adverse side-effects.

Improve digestion

They contain the papain enzyme. It can help women to conceive and they can improve the protein digestion in the body.

If men want to reduce the production of sperm, they should consume one teaspoon of papaya seeds on a daily basis for a period of 3 months. Be aware that its effects are not temporary and your fertility will become normal once you stop the treatment.

How to consume them

You can consume them crushed, raw or ground added in some fruit juice, milk, or salad dressing.

Warning and side-effects

If you are pregnant you should not consume papaya seeds because it can extend to breastfeeding. If you want to give them to your children you should talk to a doctor first.

Papaya juice – how to make it

Use few papaya leaves, then wash them and finally cut them in pieces. Squeeze and pound the pulp in a cloth. Your juice is ready and you should drink 2 tablespoons of the juice every day.


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