Ever Noticed The Small Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt? It’s Not For What You Think It Is

Next time before you put on a shirt, see if at the back of your shirt, where the pleat meets the yoke, there is a small loop. Have you noticed this loop before? Are you wondering why it is there and what it serves for?

Well, the loop is there for a reason.

Namely, many years ago, when there were no wardrobes like today, these loops were used to hang a shirt, without getting wrinkles on it!

This trend started back in 1960’s when the US made Oxford button down shirts in and it became popular with the Ivy League. The original name was the ‘Locker Loop’ and it was given to it by the makers. Later, it began to be called fruit loop or fairy loop.

It is interesting that many girls pull the loop of the guys they found cute, and this would sometimes result in the shirt ripping off. Also, many guys remove the loop the moment they got the shirt home.

This trend was picked up by many other brands and continues until today.

However, nowadays we have modern wardrobes, so the locker loops serve just like decorative design.

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