Find out: The month of birth reveals the disease you are prone to

A research that is conducted at Columbia University shows that the month in which you were born has the influence over the disease you are prone throughout life.

It may seems incredible to you, but astrology is probably right

The month of birth is a pattern that enables to determine your possible illness.

Periodic changes in the seasons during the early stage of life influence the risk of developing certain diseases. This discovery is of great help to find new factors that affect the risk of some chronic diseases.

The scientist who was responsible for this survey compared the 1688 types of diseases with the date of birth of the 1.7 million patients and has come to the interesting discovery.

People born in the warmer spring and summer days are the luckiest because, for them the risk of getting any chronic disease is the least. Those born in the month of October are most susceptible to the occurrence of chronic diseases.

Although there is the greatest risk, the scientists claim that this does not mean 100% that the child will get some disease. This equation includes other important factors such as diet and lifestyle


This is the pattern for each month separately:


  1. January – Hypertension and heart diseases
  2. February – Problems with the arteries and heart diseases
  3. March – Atherosclerosis
  4. April – angina, heart disease
  5. May- no inclinations
  6. June-no inclinations
  7. July- no inclinations
  8. August-no inclinations
  9. September- Asthma
  10. October- disorders of attention
  11. November- Infections of the respiratory tract
  12. December- Chronic problems with the bronchi

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