Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles, Dark Rings, Eye Bags And Make Yourself 10 Years Younger With This Cool Face Exercises In Less Than 3 Minutes!(VIDEO)

If you want to stay young forever then you need to do face exercises every day, because your facial muscles need exercise just as much as the rest of your body. Here are some exercises you can do to help you look 10 years younger, and you will be amazed that how much they smooth out your eye wrinkles.

1.At first place a forefinger between your eyes in the area between your eyebrows. You will find a small depression there…this is the acupressure point to massage. Make small, firm inward circles with your finger, but not hard enough to hurt.Massaging here will soften the lines and even help eradicate frown lines on the forehead above.

2.Place your forefingers at the age of your eyes. Make small outward circles using firm pressure on the thin skin against the eye socket bone.This will soften crow`s feet and other wrinkles around the eye. this exercise also helps with puffy eyes and eye bags.

Eye bags and dark eye rings can often be diminished with a vitamin k supplement. Drinking more water daily, instead of coffee, tea, and sodas, helps eye bags and dark eye rings.

Only by doing these two exercises you can make a substantial, positive difference to your look, so watch this video and follow the instructions:

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