Get Rid Of Your Migraines Fast With This 1 Minute Technique! (VIDEO)

We all know that there are headaches, and then there are migraine headaches. The difference between them are  that migraines may last for one hour or for several days.

Migraine headaches are characterized by an intense throbbing in one area of the head, but also  they are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, appearing auras and marked sensitivity to light and sound. In contrast, tension headaches afflict a full 90 percent of the population and have few, if any, accompanying symptoms.

Difficult to treat by conventional medical science, now come massage techniques which help in relieving the migraine depending on where it is located: at the skull’s base; the temple or sides of the head; behind the eye or both eyes; or the forehead. Particularly prevalent in women over 50, one of their main causes may be attributed to hormonal changes in some women in their pre-menopausal or post-menopausal phases.

Following are some examples of the various manipulative massaged used by some health practitioners:

– The first exercise is for pain at the base of the skull and is administered with the person lying face down.

– Other exercises are for the temple area and are administered with the person lying face up.

– Another exercise is for behind the eyes when due to sinus troubles. This can be done by applying pressure on the cheeks close to the nose and then releasing the pressure several times.

– Forehead massages are primarily done by a gentle thumb action on the forehead in pulling in an upward motion.

This video will show how to do this various massages so watch carefully


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