In this article we will present you a story about an American girl, Sue Palmer who woke up one day and started vomiting, and she associated this with food poisoning. Even though she wanted to lay down again and sleep it over, her husband insisted her to visit a doctor. Luckily she obeyed him and today she is still alive.

Sue’s husband says: “If she went back to mattress like she planned to that morning, she wouldn’t have woken up.”

As she remembers, she has been joking about her condition inside the emergency, but when she found out that she had suffered a heart attack, she felt stupid. Even though the first electrocardiogram didn’t display something uncommon, the doctors discovered that Sue needs an immediate surgery.

Once she woke up from the anesthesia, she found out that she had suffered a heart attack. Luckily, the heart attack begun when she was already inside the clinic because her coronary artery became blocked through 10%, while her middle was blocked through 70%. Without the emergency surgery, Sue could have died at her home.

It should be mentioned that the symptoms of heart attack are different when it comes to women, they are generally moderate, and from time to time there aren’t any type of signs. According to the statistics, the leading reason for death in women is myocardial infarction and almost 2 in 3 women die all of a sudden from a heart attack.

The worst part is that there are no signs at all. However, the major symptom for heart attack is chest pain as well as pain down the arm, but only a few women experience these symptoms.

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