Here is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Consume One Handful Of Raisins Every Day – You Will Be Surprised!

Raisins have several vital nutrients, and if you eat them daily, they can provide you great health benefits. Raisins have great amounts of vitamins and minerals, which give them a high nutritional value.

Here is what will happen to your body if you consume only one handful of raisins every day:

1.A small box of raisins contains 34 grams of carbohydrates which make them a good source of instant energy.

2.Raisins are very effective in promoting bowel health. Eating fiber-packed raisins on a regular basis can help keep you, well, regular!

3.Eating raisins curbs the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and helps prevent cavities, gingivitis and tooth decay. If you have a sweet tooth, pop healthy raisins instead of teeth-damaging candy.

4.Raisins also has traces of magnesium and potassium on them, which helps to lower acidity (a metabolic condition called acidosis) and take away toxins from our body, which may result to disease like heart diseases, gout, arthritis, and kidney stones.

5.Raisins are a good source of calcium, the mineral that contributes to building and maintaining strong bones and protects against osteoporosis.

6.Eating raisins on a regular basis can help provide natural sexual stimulation. Arginine, which are amino acids found in raisin aids to stimulate libido.

7.Raisins contain elements that have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protects body against infection.

8.The polyphenolic phytonutrients found in raisins also has antioxidant properties that help to shield the eyes from bad free radicals that may lead to blindness, cataracts, macular degenerations and other visual problems.

9.Raisins are a rich source of iron; a mineral that is essential for the production of hemoglobin in the body. So if you suffer from anemia consuming raises is the right solution for you.

10.The polyphenolic antioxidant found in raisins, which are known as catechin helps to protect the body from free radicals, for these free radicals stimulate tumor development, especially colon cancer.

Raisins are great for quick and easy snack, and they are much better than candies. They are delicious, sweet and is very healthy. So next time you decide to get a snack, why not grab a box of raisins! Aside from being delicious, it’s good for your body!

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