Earthing, or grounding means placing your foot on the ground without wearing shoes or socks. It represents a way of recharging and taking the radiating energy effects directly from the Earth. Connecting to the earth’s natural, powerful energy is considered to be now healing and vital for all people.

Even though we think it is only spiritual, there is science behind it. When we place our feet directly on the ground, we get great amounts of negative electrons. In this way, we can maintain our body at the same potential of negatively charged electricity like the Earth.

The negative charges of the Earth can produce a stable bioelectrical environment for proper functioning of the body systems. ‘Health Implications of Reconnecting the Body to the earth’s electrons’, a recent study, which has been published in the Journal of Environmental and Public health, has found out that the earth can be a potential remedy for numerous chronic health issues.


Walking barefoot can help you improve:

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Respiratory and asthmatic conditions
• Chronic joint and muscle pain as well as other types of pain
• Sleep disturbances, as well as sleep apnea
• Hypertension
• Stress
• Circulation
• Energy levels
• Immune system response and activity
• Heart rate variability
• Early indicators of osteoporosis
• Fasting glucose levels in diabetics

In fact, it has shown that if we walk barefoot, we can prevent inflammation, chronic stress, pain, poor sleep, and other health issues. Moreover, it concluded that the contact with the earth may represent an effective strategy against inflammation, stress, hyper-coagulable blood, ANS dysfunction, disturbed HRV, and other health issues, including cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, past researches have supported the view that grounding plays a vital role in maintain the overall health, in the similar way as physical activity, water, fresh air, and the sunshine. Numerous studies have confirmed the psychological effects and health benefits of ground on the overall health.

Grounding lowers or prevents inflammatory cardinal symptoms following injury: heat, swelling, pain, redness and loss of function. When we connect to the earth, the Earth’s free electrons spread through the entire human body and provide antioxidant properties.

Namely, these electrons create an antioxidant environment near the injury, thus slowing down or preventing ROS (reactive oxygen species) of the oxidative burst in the health tissue, and preventing additional inflammatory barricade.

Grounding represents the most essential antioxidants for people’s health. When we walk barefoot, cortisol, a stress hormone starts to regulate in the body, which in turn has numerous benefits on the overall health.

Cortisol is associated to the stress response of the body and helps maintain normal levels of blood sugar, metabolism, reduce inflammation, and enhance memory formulation.


Shoes represent insulators, which insulate electrical waves. Moreover, they disconnect us from the electron flow of the earth. If you want to take advantage of grounding, all you have to do is to put off your shoes and socks. It is as easy as that.

In you want to find out more about grounding, watch the video below. Grounding will help you improve your overall health and feel better. Do you find grounding enjoyable?

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