How To Identify Cervical Cancer In Its Early Stages: 6 Signs Of The Disease

About cervical cancer, as well as any other form of cancer, talking is difficult but necessary. It is the second most frequent form of cancer among women worldwide, a disease that changes destinations …

Fortunately, modern medicine is able to detect cervical cancer in the early stage, using colposcopy and cytology procedures, with a complex additional treatment.


The disease does not appear from scratch: cancer is preceded by changes in the cervical epithelium, accompanied by certain symptoms.

1.Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle, after having sex, after menopause – is a reason to request an unscheduled review. It is a clear sign of a failure in the body.

2.Unusual flow. In the early stage of cancer, white secretions may appear with a small mixture of blood as well as abundant aqueous secretions. Serous serous secretions are characteristic of the later stages of the disease.

3.Pain in the lower abdomen. Constant pain in the pelvic area, accompanies many diseases, so this symptom from the beginning should not be ignored. It is better to go to professional help.

4.Difficulty urinating. Tumor growth leads to ureter compression and urinary problems, but when the disease affects the bladder, frequent urination is seen.

5.Inflammation and pain in the legs. The compression of the lymphatic vessels causes the fluid to stagnate in the legs. Pain in the hip or sacral spine may be the sign of the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes of the pelvis.

6.Weight reduction. Cytokines, proteins that the body produces to fight the disease, are able to actively destroy fats, causing excessive loss of weight.

It is important to know that: Cervical cancer can be treated successfully, especially in the early stages! The problem is that, often, women do not visit a gynecologist for years, constantly postponing the visit to the specialist. Do the review annually: your health is in your hands!

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