How To Slim Naturally And Fast? 5 Simple Ways To Cut Portions Without Feeling Hungry!

The best way to lose your extra pounds, is to consume less calories than you burn through the day … but this should not mean that you need to be hungry all day! Regular exercising will certainly help you to burn more calories too? For starters, we will present you some tips to cut portions on a healthy way without the feeling of hunger!

1. Drinking Water Before Your Meal

Drinking one big glass of water before your meal will certainly make you to feel less hunger. It will fill your stomach and it will keep you hydrated, and that’s important because dehydration can actually be the main reason why you’re feeling hungry! Sometimes the grumbling in the tummy happens due to dehydration and not hunger.

Occasionally, we eat when we are bored, so in those times it is best to have a large glass of water with lemon to satisfy the urge for eating out of boredom.

2. Fill Your Meals With Vegetables

Every time you’re  cooking  some meal, you should add more vegetables in it. Whether it’s  pasta, stir-fry, sandwich or seafood dish, you should make sure it’s fully packed with vegetables. They are nutrient high and low-calorie and can really fill you up and keep you satiated!

3. Be Aware Of The Color Of Your Plate

I know that this is a odd one but it’s really proven that the people who eat from plates which colors doesn’t contrast  the color of their food, seem to consume 22% more food. It is widely believed that if your plate contrasts the food that’s served, you can have better judgment of the amount of food that you’ve consumed and thus you’ll avoid overeating.

4. Add Carbohydrates, Don’t Add to Carbohydrates

Don’t make a meal that is based on carbs, instead make a meal and then if it’s needed then add carbs. For example, don’t consume a bowl of granola with yogurt and fruit on top of it, instead you should have yogurt with little bit of granola on top of it!

It’s same for pasta : use meat and grill vegetables as the base and add some pasta to it so that way the majority of the meal will be meat and vegetables and not carbohydrates! This super-tip will revolutionize the way you cook!

5. Limit Your Portion Size

You’re craving for some chips, or a bit of cookies … or some chocolate? Take a smaller serving out of the bag or box, put it on a plate or in a bowl and then just leave your kitchen. Remember, if you bring the bag with chips or the box with cookies with you,  than your snack won’t end!

When you see some food in front of you then you will probably eat it … duh!

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