If You See Your Child Sitting in THIS Position, Stop it Right Away! The Child is in Danger!

One of the most common sitting positions for many children is sitting in the form of the letter W. They spend many hours while playing, but this position may cause a lot of issues about which people are not even aware of. It causes destruction of hip rotation points which may lead to serious orthopedic problems.

For all parents is important to know that this  position also leads to muscle deformation and contraction, as well as improper bone development. Also in this position the effect of gravitation exceeds the basic body gravity centre, so the torso muscles cannot maintain body balance normally.

How to prevent it:

The only way to prevent your child from sitting in the W-position is to prevent it from becoming a habit so  anticipate it early and catch it before the child starts using it more. That`s why you should  motivate your children to sit with their legs straightened up or  maybe crisscrossed, and in this way you will prevent any complications.You must be as consistent as possible to succeed.


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