It Absorbs Dirt And Ejects Toxins From Your Body: Mix This Powerful Powder With A Half Glass Of Water And Drink!

This is the best drink for detoxification of your body made by clay. Clay is a popular for its ability to helps in wound healing, eliminating impurities from tissues, blood and lymph flow, reduces radioactivity in the body, and absorbs too much, so it is especially recommended after or between radiations to lubricate the affected area.

It contains high levels of trace minerals including silicon, magnesium, calcium and potassium, and is used in and for treatment of many diseases such as:anemia, respiratory diseases, arteriosclerosis, intestinal diseases, poisoning, ulcer, excess stomach acid, skin changes, hair loss, painful menstruation, and you can take it if you have special health problems, clean the body, or as energizer.

How to make and consume clay drink

You need to mix one teaspoon (plastic or wooden) of clay in a glass jar with 1.5 dl of plain water and let this mixture to stay overnight. Remember you should always consume clay  in the morning, on an empty stomach. you heed to drink this for about tree weeks:

The first week– in the morning, you should  drink only water and the sediment of clay leave it at the bottom of the glass.

The second week– during the second week every morning you need to stir this mixture. After that you should let it stay for a while and then drink the medium blurry water and leave the clay that is in the bottom of the cup.

The third week– during the third week  every morning you should mix the clay sediment and water and immediately drink it all.

Almost immediately you will notice the beneficial effects, and even if you  don`t have any problems, you can consume this drink. It will clean your body and skin like never before and you will have more energy.

Very soon you will notice the beneficial effects, and even those who do not have any problems, will feel their body cleansing, that their skin is cleaner and brighter, to have more energy.

There are other ways how you can use clay for your face and body:


Start off by measuring your clay into a bowl. Pour a few cups of water in the powdered clay and mix with your hands until it forms wet clay. Spread this mixture all over your body and leave it until it dries.Then it is necessary to remove the clay from your skin (longer showering with lukewarm water).This bath will relaxe you it will help you to get rid of toxins and also it will make your skin beauty ans soft


You can use this mask for deep cleansing: mix the clay with a little cold water, then apply on the face (avoid the area around the eyes and lips). After 10 minutes rinse with lukewarm water. This mask is best only for oily skin.


Mix the clay powder with olive, almond oil or wheat germ. Apply the mask to hair and leave it on for 20-30 minutes, and after that you need to rise your hair. After this treatment you will get shiny, clean and soft hair.

Where can you buy the clay?

A clay for drinking you can buy  in the health food stores and the herbal pharmacies,and you must remember that after each use, you need to throw away the clay, because you should not use the same clay again.



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