Lemon mixed with this food do wonders for the health!

The health benefits of clove have long been proven in all these home recipes. It is a excellent cure for many diseases and it can also prevent many problematic situations.

Whole, peeled, in the form of essential oil or extract, cloves mixed with lemon can do wonders for your health:

  • cures toothache
  • Reduces muscle pain and rheumatism
  • It regenerates the body in the event of sudden fatigue
  • Cleanses bowels and treats urinary tract infection
  • Effectively forcing insects, such as mosquitoes

But did you know that clove works wonders with your hair, especially with fatty.

It can be used orally or as a coating, and in the case of ailments, both methods are preferred.

This mixture is good for relaxation and circulation, so make it and then rub into the body.


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