Make a Ginger Compress To Prevent Colds And Flu And Many Other Serious Inflammatory Processes in the Body! (RECIPE)

Now you can easily prevent the cold with this simple ginger compress which helps in neutralizing the cold and preventing inflammations in the body.

Sometimes, you can normally perform all your tasks, and suddenly, you feel weak, tired, you have a fever- which usually indicates that you have a cold. Try this method that will provide relief very soon.

If you feel that you are ill, you should immediately take preventive measures not only to stop the cold and also to prevent the development of serious diseases or inflammatory processes in the body.

This is how you can make this compress:

In 2.5 dl of boiling water, pour 2 tablespoons of grated ginger and leave it covered for ten minutes. Then, soak a linen cloth in it, put a bit of ginger on it and apply the compresses on the chest and back.

Leave it to stay for half an hour and then you should repeat the procedure again.

Watch this video and follow the instructions how to make ginger compress:



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