Make A Miracle For Your Hair Using Yeast And Honey: It Will Help You To Get Rid Of Dandruff, Prevent Hair Loss, And Stimulate Hair Growth After The First Use!

Hair mask made of yeast and honey is a simple, but quite efficient remedy that does miracles, even to the most damaged hair.

These hair masks are good for every hair type, and they are irreplaceable in the fight against hair loss and hair growth. They are specially recommended for people who struggle with hair growth — seborrhea, eczema.Also these hair masks will help you get rid of dandruff successfully.

This how you can make this mask:


  • cube of fresh yeast
  • one tablespoon of honey.

Preparation and application:

Stir the mixture ( cube of fresh yest and one tablespoon of honey) until it equalizes and let it stand for an hour, because of the fermentation process.

Apply the mixture on the scalp and spread along the entire hair length and massage gently. When you’re done, cover the mixture with a towel and keep at room temperature. Leave it on for 50-60 minutes (at least), rinse with water and use just a little conditioner.

Right after the first application your hair will have an amazing shine, thickness and volume, without any hair styling products. But for best results if you want to preventive and to stimulate hair growth  you should use it once a week, and repeat the procedure for 10-15 times. Then you need to make a break for 3 months and repeat the treatment if necessary. If you want to renew and strengthen your damaged hair, you will need to  apply yeast masks twice a week, for 6-8 weeks.

This is the most effective hair mask so make it try it and share the results with your friends!





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