Make A Recipe That Works In 5 Minutes Against Headache, High Blood Pressure And Swollen Legs!

If you have a severe headache then this simple remedy is the best solution for you!

Except that it will relieve headache, this saline compress will also normalize your blood pressure and eliminate the swelling of the legs for a very short time.

So if you have a severe and excruciating headache prepare this saline solution!

How to prepare:

First of all, prepare a lining of gauze or thin cotton cloth. Fold the cloth into eight layers, the width should match the height of the forehead, and the length of the head.

After that, heat 250 ml of water to 60-70 C and put two flat teaspoons of salt. Let that dissolve and you will get 8% strength saline solution.

How to use it:

1.Soak the gauze in the saline solution, drain it, shake it slightly in order to cool a bit and then wrap your forehead, neck and ears with it.

2.Place a cotton headscarf on your head in order to fix the coating.

3.You will feel relief within several minutes.

4.But, even though the pain disappears you need to lie down for 15 more minutes.

5.After removing the coating, wash the forehead, neck and ears with warm water.

How does it work?

It is confusing because salt intake causes swelling and high blood pressure, but this powerful salt solution over the skin has the opposite effect because through the skin it helps in reducing the liquid from the body and acts as a diuretic.

You can get rid of swollen legs in similar way.

This is what you should do:

Dissolve 0.5 kg of salt in 5 liters of cold water. Soak a soft towel in the solution, gently squeeze it and put it on the lumbar back for about 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10 days, every night before sleeping. 

You will have increased urination after this procedure,and that’s the reason why the swelling will be eliminated.

Another way to use this saline leg compress is to soak a gauze in a warm saline solution, squeeze it and put it around the swollen legs. Keep you legs under a warm blanket for 20 minutes.

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