Mix These Two Ingredients And Say Goodbye To Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Influenza, Phlegm And Many More!

Sinus Infection, which is medically termed as sinusitis is a medical condition which is caused due to the inflammation and swelling of sinuses. This situation blocks the sinuses with fluid on which the bacteria grow and that often brings nasal congestion and pain. The person who suffers from sinus infection feels pressure around the face, nose and eyes. He/she also gets headache, nasal congestion, thick yellow discharge from the nose and sometimes even fever or cough.

There are many medicines available in the stores for sinus infection but many of them do not act properly to cure the infection and they can also cause many side effects.So to avoid these and to treat this sinus infection effectively, you can use this amazing home remedy!



  • Ginger
  • Apple cider vinegar


At first you should  grate the ginger, then mix with apple cider vinegar and place this mixture in a glass jar with a tight lid. Then you need to leave the mixture for 10 days at room temperature, shaking the jar occasionally.

How to use it:

For best results you need to inhale this mixture for 5 minutes, and after that you should moisten a handkerchief into the mixture and place it on the neck throughout the night.

Do this treatment  for 5 days,and you will get rid of sinusitis, rhinitis, phlegm  influenza,in all natural way without medications and side effects!



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