One Hair Oil That Will Take Only 5 Minutes To Prepare And It Will Change Your Hair Completely In Just 1 Month!!!

Shiny hair is something that most women dream of. Whether you have hair that is curly or straight, or short or long, wanting shiny hair is most likely the biggest part of your dream hair checklist. is why you will be happy to know that no matter what your hair type is, shiny hair is attainable as long as you put in the right amount of care.

Taking care of your hair does not necessarily mean spending bucket loads of money on products that may or may not work for your hair. Instead, it can be as simple as utilizing natural ingredients which can do wonders for your hair. The best part about using natural ingredients is that almost all of them are readily available, and safe and natural.

Below, we are going to show you this simple recipe which can make your hair shiny, long and beautiful like never before in short time!

Ingredients needed:

  • Red onion
  • Ginger
  • Baheda
  • Sena leaves
  • Mustard oil

Preparation and application:

  1. Cut half onion in small pieces and grind it
  2. Cut ginger in small pieces
  3. Ratio of ginger and onion will be same
  4. Put both of them in grinder and grind them
  5. Strain this paste so you get juice out of it
  6. Now take 1 cup f mustard oil.
  7. In this add 1/4th cup of ginger onion water
  8. Add Sena Leaves and Baheda and put this oil mixture in the sun for 10 hours.
  9. After that apply to your hair and leave it in for 35 minutes. Then wash with Mild Shampoo like Baby Shampoo. Apply it every day for 30 days to start seeing Thick, Long, Healthy and Shiny Hair.


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