One Movement That Flattens Your Belly, Tightens Every Muscle and Helps You To Lose Weight!

You probably don’t know about an exercise which has been proven as the most helpful and effective in the whole world. The name of this exercise is “the Plank”. With this amazing exercise you could tighten and shape all the muscles in the body. And the best thing is that it will take you only five minutes of your time. You should do this exercise regularly to maximize the results, which in the end will definitely surprise you .

Even though this exercise seems easy to do, it requires lot of energy and it makes you to use all the muscle in the body. You need to lie down on the ground on the stomach and then lift your body with your legs and hands and that’s it. You just need to keep your body in that position for 5 minutes. At the beginning it will be tough for you to hold this position even 1 minute, but in time you’ll do better.

This super effective exercise will flatten your belly, help you to lose weight, burn cellulite, tone your legs and hands and strengthen your back.

How to Do this exercise:

To do the “Plank” you won’t be required to do any movement at all. You should only take 1 position and hold your body in that position for at least five minutes. It’s essential to keep the body properly.

First, you should lie on the stomach. After that, you need to lift your body the same way when you do push-ups, with just 1 small difference: for this exercise you need to bend your elbows 90 degrees and also to rely on the forearms. It’s very important to keep the body flat-plank, because this way you’ll activate every muscle in your body. If you want to do the exercise properly, you mustn’t relax during the exercise.

Feet – Move them close to preserve pressure on your stomach muscles.

Legs – You should keep the legs straight and tight so to constantly pressure the right stomach muscle.

Buttocs- Don’t relax the buttocks at all, to successfully activate your muscles on the lower torso.

Lower back – The crucial part in this exercise. You should keep your lower back flat in order for your exercise to be give results. Don’t curve or dent it and don’t relax at any point.

Stomach – You should try to get the stomach in as like when a guy with big belly tries to tuck in his stomach under his ribs to be more hot for some girl. That’s what you need to do here, but you shouldn’t keep your breath, you should breath normally.

Elbows – Hold the elbows at a angle of 90 degrees directly under the shoulders. This will be very helpful for the strain.

You should remember that it’s best to hold this position as long as you can. Start slowly if you’re not fit. Then try to keep this position for 15 seconds, and then repeat this 5 times between two minute breaks. You should increase the time for holding this position each day. It’s crucial to do this exercise every day to get the maximum results.

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