Only One Simple Trick And You Will Get Rid Of Stress and Anxiety In Just 5 Minutes!

If you are part of those people who are skeptical about Yoga and its benefits,  and even less with breathing exercises, then you should keep in mind one thing – the researchers found extremely efficient exercise, which can relieve your stress by 44% in less than 5 minutes.

Breathing exercises, known as Sudarshan Kriya yoga represent a specific collection of breathing techniques that reduce anxiety as much as 44% over 6 months. There is a short exercise that has the same effect, and you need only 5 minutes to perform it.

This is what you should do?

1.Use your thumb to press the right nostril and close it tight.

2.Use the left nostril to inhale deeply and hold. Then exhale after a few seconds.

3.Now close the left nostril using the index finger and repeat the breathing procedure.

4.Keep repeating this procedure for five minutes

Watch this video and follow the instructions how to do this method:


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