People With Blue Eyes Are The Smartest And Psychological Strongest – Scientifically Proven!

The expression that the eyes are the mirror of the soul has become a cliché. Well, it seems that science has proved the truth of this cliché. Scientists from the University of Orebro in Sweden, conducted a study, which involved 428 patients, trying to find a link between eye color and one’s character.

Brown or dark eyes
You’re a natural leader. You were born to lead people through life. You’re not a fan of alcohol, but because you love the sport. Find the power within yourself and you can rule the world.

Blue eyes
Mentally you are so strong that it sometimes irritates people around you. People are willing to condemn you and before you know. They see you as weak. Despite this, women with blue eyes are more tolerant to pain and easier to tolerate labor.

In addition, you are able to deal with any form of anxiety or depression better than others. Ambitious you are in the professional world, nothing you can not get in the way.

Gray eyes
The eye is very rare and if you have, you are very balanced person, but you have an inner part that difficult to control. Strive defense and forcing people to work longer in order to go through certain obstacles.

Color hazelnut
Specific you since childhood. You are an independent, self-confident and spontaneous. Your personality is difficult to predict. There’s nothing bad, it’s good to ask people in your life to be more effort to make you prove it.

Green eyes
The mysterious you are a person and extremely sexy. Unpredictable and fast you get angry. You are creative and work well under pressure.


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