Put A Drop Of Vinegar And Alcohol Into Your Ear And Hold 60 Seconds: This Wonderful Effect Will Take Your Breath Away!

Wax in the ears is something quite natural; a process that prevents the entry of bacteria, dirt and dust inside the ears.Unfortunately, earwax is seen by many as unnecessary grease and dirt so it is removed daily. The worst thing is that they usually do so with the help of cotton, which only pushes bacteria deeper inside the ear.

What is less known is that excess ear wax is removed by itself, but when it does not happen for any reason, there are unpleasant symptoms such as pain in the ears, sinus problems, headaches, hearing loss and sometimes dizziness.

Fortunately, a doctor has a solution!

Dr. David Hill recommended to mix vinegar and alcohol in the same amount (very small) and drip into the ear.

Keep your head in the supine position, and after 60 seconds lift up and allow it to drain.

This mixture will make a miracle for your ears – unblock the wax, stimulated it to expel and save you of unpleasant symptoms.


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