Relieve Your Stress And Headache In 30 Seconds!

The best way to relieve headache and stress is acupressure. This is one of the oldest alternative therapies and is applied to relieve different problems. In order to practice acupressure, you will need to learn how to identify and work the pressure points, which are where there are accumulations of nerves located in certain areas of the body. When these areas of the body are worked properly, you can stimulate blood flow and relax tense muscles and those that can cause pain.

Most common headaches tend to occur as a result of stress and tension. Here are  some acupressure techniques that you can easily put into practice at home.

How to Apply the Pressure

When applying pressure to any area in your body, you should be sure to apply the same pressure to the opposite side, so that there is a balance of energy.Pressure can be applied with your fingers, knuckles, the palm of your hand, or your thumbs.

Acupressure to Fight Headaches and Stress

Massage Your Temples

Your temples are located on the sides of your head, at eyebrow level. You should put your thumbs on the outside of your eyebrows and move them about a centimeter and a half towards your head. When you have found them, press gently and massage your temples simultaneously, counterclockwise. You should do this massage for at least a minute, breathing deeply while you do this.

Inside Ends of Your Eyebrows

Just above the bridge of your nose and on the inside of your eyebrows, there are two pressure points that can also help relieve headaches and tension. In this case, we don’t recommend applying pressure, because it can bother you. It’s best to massage with your index fingers for 30 seconds.

Between the Pinky Finger and Wrist

Find the point between your pinky finger and wrist and apply constant pressure for 30 seconds. Put the same pressure on both wrists and notice how headaches caused by tension are alleviated.

For Total Relaxation

If you want to relax, get rid of stress, and headaches, make a fist with your left hand, with your thumb on top of your index finger. The acupressure point is right where the thumb and index finger meet, above and left of this. Apply pressure for 30 seconds once more and then repeat the same process with your right hand.

Use Your Feet

In order to stimulate your feet and relieve headaches, put pressure on the area between the big and second toe. You should use your thumb and press on the upper part for 30 seconds to a minute. Another option to relieve headache and stress  with acupressure is to apply pressure on the lower part of your foot, behind the foot bone, for 30 seconds.You should do this to both feet.

Base of Your Skull

This point relieves headaches and some cold symptoms. You should put your index fingers on the base of your skull and separate an inch outward until you feel a release in this area of your body. You should apply pressure to these two points and massage for 30 seconds to a minute.


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