Rub This Spice On The Skin And Wrinkles Disappear, So Does My Grandmother

Having wrinkles is a sign that the years do not let up. It is true that these folds are unbearable for some women, but neither is the end, it is the beginning of another stage of life.

However, damping, is not so difficult. You need not submit to invasive surgeries to diminish the trail of wrinkles, the truth is that there are some natural remedies for eye wrinkles. You’ll see it is healthy, miraculous, economic and best of all natural. It is used anise, the grass that we use to give some flavor to our desserts and meals, or even to fight constipation.


  • A handful of anise seeds.
  • A glass of water.
  • small pot.


Make a tea with anise to dismiss those wrinkles, once cooled and that it has released its properties, strain and keep the liquid in an airtight glass container.

Every morning with a clean face, use this water to wash your face, especially in areas where you have wrinkles or fine lines, with the passage of time the look of your face will improve and perceive their environment.

Anise wrinkles to disappear is wonderful, as it works as a kind of Botox to improve your skin naturally and without spending large amounts of money on artificial treatments sometimes do not meet the results they promise.

Another advantage is its easy access, largely because of supermarkets and health food stores and can get it in different forms: whole, crushed or ground.

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