Say Goodbye To Back Pain! Here’s How To Get Rid Of It In A Natural Way! Efficient In 95% Of Cases!

Lower-back pain is one of the most common health problems today, and it is estimated that 80% of the population experiences pain in the lower back or lumbar, the lower part of the spine, at least once during their lifetime.

Thus, low back pain has become a major public health problem because it is the most common cause of absence from work and a large number of days of sick leave.

The people have spread many names for this disease, one of which is known is lumbago, and one of the most popular titles is “hexenschus” or witch stab, which talks about the sudden emergence and character of the disease.

What is that?

The spine is an anatomical structure composed of vertebrae(of which 7 are cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar mobile), cartilage intervertebral rings that allow the mobility of the vertebrae, and is associated with a number of muscles, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments, forming the main bearing assembly of the body. It allows us an upright posture and vertebrae arranged in a tube-shaped shielding canal, through which the spinal cord and nerve roots of the arms and legs pass.

Therefore, because of its multiple functions spine exposed to constant mechanical effects of load  such as bending, tension, pressure, etc., which can cause overuse and exhaustion.

Some parts of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) have different scope of mobility, of which the neck is extremely mobile, but the breast has very low mobility. At the transition between one part of the spine into another, most commonly there are degenerative changes, which are source of pain. Thus, specifically with backaches, pain may occur in the breast-lumbar transition, in the loins, and most often in the lumbar crossing between the very moving and loaded lower lumbar vertebra, and very poor mobile sacrum bones.

Risky category

In this category are all people who work hard physical work, or spend several hours in adverse postures, having mainly sedentary jobs, older people who had experienced a degenerative process, people with osteoporosis or some congenital anomalies of the spine, after injuries and surgeries of the spine.

Treatment and prevention

According to many researchers the herb comfrey, which grows in wet meadows, fields and ditches near the water, can make life easier for many people who suffer from back pain.

During testing, the ointment which contains extract of this plant, similar to white tails, managed to fully cure backaches in five days. The researchers examined 120 people with pain in the lower and upper back.

Half of the respondents were given ointment of comfrey and they had to put it on the back three times a day, while the others got fake ointment. Neither one of the groups knew what they were using. After five days, the intensity of pain in people who were using fake ointment decreased by 39 percent, and the researchers explain that as a desire to feel better.Also people who had been putting ointment of comfrey, recognized that the pain decreased by 95 percent.

Comfrey also acts very quickly, even after an hour of application.

The research was conducted by scientists at the German Sports University in Bonn, and the results were published in the British Journal of Sports Medina. ‘Comfrey root extract is incredibly powerful and clinically proven to effectively reduce acute pain, “- it is stated as an explanation of the research results.

This plant has roots like beets, and large, hairy leaves. Herbalists have used it ever since ancient times. Previous studies have also proven that comfrey effectively removes other types of pain, and it has been proved to be excellent as gel against pain and dislocation of joints in osteoarthritis and knee. But it should not be taken in the form of capsules and supplements because it can be toxic to the liver.


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