She Cuts Paper Towels in Half and Soaks in Vinegar – The Reason Why? Brilliant… (VIDEO)

We all know that store-bought cleaning wipes are a great solution when it comes to conveniently cleaning up all that dust, dirt and built up unwanted stuff from your kitchen windows, slabs and everything else. But apart from being so worthwhile and helpful, the commercial cleaning wipes are quite an expensive purchase, and they contain many harmful chemical elements.

Luckily we have solution for you! In this article we will show you how you can make your own homemade cleaning wipes.

Homemade cleaning wipes are not only very easy to make and budget-friendly, but they also contain only those cleaning ingredients that you choose.

For preparation of this cleaning wipes you need only paper towels, vinegar, a liquid dish soap and some alcohol, and they will make your kitchen counters shine and sparkle like never before.

Watch this video and follow the instructions how to make your own homemade cleaning wipes.

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