Strengthen Your Core With This 28-Day Planking Challenge (In Just FOUR Minutes A Day!)

28-Day Planking Challenge

If you think that a minute goes by fast, youve never tried planking!

Accept this 28-Day Planking Challenge and get your body into shape. Thousands of people worldwide have already accepted and they are satisfied with the results. This 28-Day Planking Challenge, which includes performing one exercise, 4 minutes a day, trains the body for strength and endurance. Even though, it is a slow progression, still it will provide you fantastic results.

Furthermore, this powerful workout will also strengthen the muscles of arms, legs, and buttocks, shed up more fat deposits and it will strengthen the external and internal muscles of the back and core.

Given the fact that this exercise requires to remain in the push-up position, it is normal that the muscles work similarly as push-ups. In other words, they are not shortened, nor lengthened, but they will become more durable and stronger.

The Plank Challenge

You are supposed to complete the Plank Challenge in 4 weeks, by initially holding a position for 20 seconds, and then gradually increasing the time.

Correct Plank Challenge 

If you want to achieve amazing results, then doing the exercise correctly is of a great importance. Keep your upper body in a straight line and lift yourself on elbows and lean on your toes.

Make sure you stay in the correct position the whole time, and keep your neck and head in the extension of the back, while taking a deep breath with the help of the abdominal muscles. Distribute the weight on the elbows and feet, so you can strain the glutes.


Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4:  30 seconds
Day 5:  40 seconds
Day 6:  rest
Day 7:  45 seconds
Day 8:  45 seconds
Day 9:  60 seconds
Day 10:  60 seconds
Day 11:  60 seconds

Day 12:  90 seconds

Day 13:  rest.

Day 14:  90 seconds

Day 15:  90 seconds
Day 16:  120 seconds
Day 17:  120 seconds
Day 18:  150 seconds
Day 19:  rest
Day 20:  150 seconds
Day 21:  150 seconds
Day 22:  180 seconds
Day 23:  180 seconds
Day 24:  210 seconds
Day 25:  rest
Day 26:  210 seconds
Day 27:  240 seconds
Day 28:  longest you can

This 28-Day Planking challenge provides the following benefits:

  • Tones your stomach
  • Promotes good posture
  • Increases flexibility

You can also try different kind of challenges following the same principles if you want to focus on specific parts of the body.

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